Sanken Electric Co. Ltd

Sanken Electric Co., Ltd. has continued the relentless pursuit of progress in research and development ever since the company's founding in 1946, in accordance with our corporate credo of contributing to the betterment of global industry, economy and culture through advances in business.

From the very beginning, we have endeavored to provide best solutions for our customers in the field of power electronics and related areas and, by seeking to share the same set of values with our customers, we have gained a firm stature in this industry.
We are committed to deliver technologically-sophisticated and value-added products to our customers worldwide. Semiconductor devices which we deal in our core business include ICs for automotive electronic components, which are growing at a steady rate of expansion; motor control ICs, which are expected to show a significant growth in the near future; and power control ICs and power discrete devices sought after not only by industrial equipment and home appliances markets but also by various application markets. Other products we supply to our customers encompass distinctively-positioned products such as power module products, which are high-level amalgamation of circuit technology and control technology that Sanken has accumulated over a long period of time, and power system products, a category in which we have strived to bring about technological innovations ever since our incorporation. We undertake our pledge that Sanken continues to be a company that can provide diverse solutions in power electronics.
Sanken keeps on striving for technological innovation, nurture our unique and value-creating technological capability, pursue the unprecedented level of quality and reliability and strengthen our global business infrastructure. Through these initiatives, we aim to maximize our corporate value and conduct our business in harmony with the natural environment. Moreover, we will continue to work to ensure that our decisions and actions are acknowledged to be worthy of trust by all of our stakeholders – shareholders, customers, suppliers, employees, and members of the local community – and that Sanken is recognized as a company that contributes to the enrichment of the industry, the economy and the culture on earth.

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