Acopian Power Supplies

Thumbnail History of Acopian Technical Company

1956: Sarkis Acopian starts business in Phillipsburg, New Jersey.

1957: Acopian manufactures the first ever Solar Radio. The Acopian Solar Radio was advertised as “Revolutionary – No Batteries or Outside Electrical Plug-ins – Uses light for source of energy”. As far as we know, this was the first Solar Radio ever to be manufactured for sale to the public.

1958: Business moves to 927 Spruce Street, Easton, PA.

1958: Acopian manufactures custom ‘electronic and electro-mechanical equipment’.

1960: Acopian introduces ‘Low-Cost, Plug-in Regulated Power Supplies’. These Plug-in power supplies used vacuum tubes and plugged into a standard octal socket.

1961: Acopian introduces ‘Transistorized, Low-Cost, Plug-in Regulated Power Supplies’.

1962: A batch of plug-in cases is mistakenly painted pink instead of the normal gold color. We decide to use them anyway and sales take off. Talk about product recognition!

1963: Acopian introduces Unregulated Plug-in power supplies, Dual Transistorized Plug-in power supplies and Power Systems using Plug-in power supplies. First multi-page(8), full line DC Plug-in Power Supply catalog is printed. Acopian begins its “Promise to Ship Within 3 Days”: Modular power supplies ship within 3 days after the order is received and Power Systems ship within 9 days after the order is received.

1964: The full line catalog is 12 pages and the “3 Day Shipping Promise” is now in the catalog (and has been in every catalog to this day). Business moves to present location; 131 Loomis Street, Easton, PA.

1966: The K55 Lab power supply is introduced.

1969: Acopian introduces its first power supplies with barrier strip terminals instead of octal-type plugs.

1970: Rack mounting power supplies are introduced.

1971: Acopian builds second manufacturing facility in Melbourne, Florida. Series A & B, two series of Narrow Profile supplies, the TD series of dual output supplies and Gold Box versions of dual output and unregulated supplies are introduced. The lines of Mini encapsulated, rack mounting and unregulated supplies are expanded. The catalog grows from 24 to 40 pages.

1973: Rack Mounting Redundant Output Power Systems and MIL versions of Plug-in supplies are introduced.

1974: The line of encapsulated power supplies is expanded and models with screw terminals are introduced.

1975: The Rack Mounting line is expanded.

1976: The K series of laboratory benchtop power supplies is introduced.

1980: Gold Box and Rack Mounting power supplies with outputs programmable over a broad range are introduced.

1982: Parallelable Power Supplies are introduced.

1984: Encapsulated DC-DC converters are introduced.

1985: Gold Box Switching power supplies are introduced.

1986: The Redundant Output Power System line is expanded to include models with outputs to 120 Vdc.

1987: The Gold Box Switching line is expanded.

1988: High Voltage power supplies are introduced.

1990: The Redundant Output Power System line is expanded to include models containing switching power supplies.

1992: The name of the Redundant Output Power Systems is changed to Redundant Power Packages to more accurately describe the system and its ease of use.

1993: Encapsulated switching power supplies are introduced.

1994: Acopian again expands the Gold Box Switching power supply line, this time to include models with outputs to 1200 watts. Accessory Mounting Kits for wall mounting are introduced for the Gold Box and the Mini Encapsulated power supplies.

1996: is launched. DIN rail Mounting Kits for Mini Encapsulated power supplies are introduced.

1998: The Redundant Power Package line is expanded to include wall mounting models.

2002: DIN rail Mounting Kits for Gold Box and Narrow Profile power supplies are introduced.

2003: Modular Redundant Power Systems and Switching Regulated Narrow Profile power supplies are introduced.

2004: Under/Overvoltage Monitors, Narrow Profile DC-DC Converters and Circuit Enclosure Boxes are introduced.

2005: Pluggable Redundant Power Packages are introduced. The catalog is now up to 80 pages.

May 2007: New Low Profile 720 watt switchers with power factor correction and programmable with a 0-10v control voltage are introduced.

2009: “Infinity” linear Power Supplies are introduced. These linear power supplies have improved performance. They are smaller, lighter and ‘highly configurable’ with a seemingly infinite number of options.

2011: Digital controllers and interfaces are introduced on our custom systems.

2012: 1U rack mounted and benchtop switching Power Supplies are introduced.