About us

PowerSuppliesDistributors is an authorized leading stocking distributor of many major manufacturers of  Power Supplies with the fast response  and flexibility. We offer very competitive pricing.

Since 1982, PowerSuppliesDistributors has been committed in offering the widest selection of in-stock Power Supplies, as well as providing custom designed ones. Engineering throughout the entire design process, from Prototype to  Manufacturing.

PowerSuppliesDistributors is a distributor with sales offices serving the United States, Mexico, and Canada.

PowerSuppliesDistributors offers multiple service options to satisfy every need. A network of sales offices across North America provides personal expertise from a dedicated account manager and an engineer.

The PowerSuppliesDistributors is a powerful tool for any engineer or purchasing looking for a broad range of products from more than 40 world-class Power Supplies manuacturers.

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